Honesty and Modesty : Values and Skills

‘Tell them a little lie’, yes, it’s absolutely fine. Why do you want to be an apostle of honesty in this dirty game of business? Everybody does it. Oh! Please don’t be a stupid. This is business and if you don’t take short-cuts, anybody can broom you away from the way to success.’ You get to hear all this stuff from your seniors, trainers, management if you are a Fresher and above all, an honest & modest person. Some would say, ok if you want to play modest, I don’t have any problem; but don’t dare to be too honest.’

But do people can actually pretend to be modest? Do traits like honesty and modesty are there to be fake around.  The answer is A BIG NO. You are modest, means you are modest. How can a person pretend to be modest? These are some of the lessons your and my mom has taught us in our kidhood. She used to tell us a story. A story about flowers and butterflies, Flowers are sweet and kind that’s why all the butterflies come to them and make them look more beautiful. Be a flower in business, be honest, talk nicely to people not only to your client, but everybody you find around.

Now-a-days, every market is niche and every company is specific. You get to meet same people in an industry, if you play smart with one client; you have to forego another, close to him for life-time. I know a person from one of my known organization, on the highest position in the company but a real gentle human being. He used to greet everybody from his office boy to the most potential clients in his own excellent modest way. He seemed to have a magic in his persona that attracted people, clients, investors. The Senior managers would take manipulated, fat pocketed clients to him for the final word and he would always had a fair and honest opinion for the client. Sometimes, all these jerk used to scratch their head and feel frustrated about these losses to company and of-course, their incentives. But the truth was, despite of all these jerks faking around in the industry, the company was all shining under his leadership. He had an honest reputation in the industry and he was respected for that. As soon as he stopped coming to the organization due to his old age and illness, the company suffered from a big disease called, dilapidation. Honestly, people like me, must be among the ones who would have left the company in first round. Everybody in the industry knew that the real magic is gone from the company, which was nothing but these two values of this gentleman. A person who is kind and honest is loved by his friends and family, the same way an honest and modest employee is respected in one’s company and industry.

We have a simple choice in business, either play smart, be-fool people, rise hard and fall rather harder or be nice to people, win their hearts and enjoy long and strong term relationships. choice is all yours!


6 thoughts on “Honesty and Modesty : Values and Skills

  1. Great post…I am in high hopes that this idea spreads…I shared something very similar in one of my posts…I would like to see companies adopting this as their business model…keep up the great work.

    Be encouraged!

  2. i wanted to see your blog and the similar posts but I could not see because you have made it private…. would like to have a look!!!!

  3. Interesting! I’m a fresher and when I’m told about putting honesty and ethics on the sacrificial altar of “success”, I wonder how fickle-minded and myopic people can be! How do they forget that one can simply not fool all the people all the time. Sadly, most people give into the temptation of short term and trade it for the long term good.There’s no “bigger picture”, it seems :/
    Great article btw. Keep writing! 🙂

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