‘The Elizabethan’ in queen of hills

Viceroy Regal - Lodge Simla

The Elizabethan in queen of hills

Being a himachali and being an alumnus of Himachal Pradesh University, I know this heritage from like forever. I started this Category ‘Travel’ in my blog not because I have travelled a lot or I am travelling a lot. I am writing in this category just because I wanted to write about this historic site- the ‘Viceroy Regal – Lodge’. I think shimla is a kind of place which encourages every single step, to write about it. Shimla houses numerous heritage sites and ‘Indian Institute of Advance Studies’ is one of them. Yes, now-a-days we call it IIAS i.e. ‘Indian Institute of Advance Studies’. Once called the residence of Viceroys and Rastrapati Niwas after Independence, in 1964 it was converted into a post doctorate Research Institute i.e. IIAS. I will not write much about its academic structure, all the research minds can go and see http://www.iias.org. Very Close to Himachal Pradesh University and the way from HPU to IIAS is worth forgetting you the mesmerizing streets of Switzerland. From 1888 onwards, since Lord and Lady Dufferin put their first step in the building, this historic building has seen so many Red-Letter days of Indian history; ‘The Simla Conference’ is one of them. The decision of the partition of India was taken by Nehru, Jinnah and Mountbatten in the conference room of the regal lodge. A fine example of Elizabethan style of Architecture, this heritage takes you to a different time. I have taken this photograph from my 2.0 pixels mobile camera during my ‘MBA’ days, you can search Viceroy regal -lodge on internet for finding more beautiful pictures or next time you visit simla, don’t forget to treat yourself by visiting ‘this eye-filling beauty’.


4 thoughts on “‘The Elizabethan’ in queen of hills

  1. Hi orples, there are many tales these walls have been embracing in their arms for decades… It has converted into a museum-cum- advance studies center these days…and loads and loads of stories are told by every muse there…Come to Himachal (India) some time. you ll find more to explore than these British time architecture..

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