50 things i love

Have you forgotten yourselves in conference rooms, video conferences, meetings, arrangements, family problems, with fake smiles in front of people, melancholy of failed relationships? Seriously, if you have forgotten, then there is an idea of finding you, the real you. sit down for a minute, take a paper from the bottom of your xerox machine, borrow a pen from the colleague sitting next to you and start making a list of 50 things? list? list of what? list of things you love to do, places you want to go, people you want to meet , things you want to eat. But there is a bet!!!! Bet that you will complete this list in just one go… i bet you, you will rediscover yourself. You will meet a new friend inside you, knowing him or her better. well one of my good friend gave me this idea and I am spreading it for all my friends…

 50 things I love
  1. Dancing in the wee hours of Morning

2.  Orange Ice Candies

3. Watching Sunrises and Sunsets on sea-shores

4. Treating my olfactory nerves with the fragrance of wet clay

5. Walking on beaches

6. Day dreaming

7. Playing with kids

8. Making Faces in front of mirrors

9. Talking to old friends

10. Clicking pictures of people who think themselves ‘Beautiful’

11. Sleeping under the roof of stars

12. Cuddling infants

13. Dressing up my little 4 years old cousin in a ‘Sari’ (And she loves the way she looks then)

14. Smiling back to strangers

15. Standing on the mountain cliff where cool fast breeze penetrates your body

16. Listening to the music at its lowest volume

17. Sleeping with Maa and GrandMaa while at home

18. Reading Travel-Stories

19. My ‘Special Lemon Green Tea’ (Believe it or not, the world’s best Lemon tea is available in my Apartment)

20 .Rains in summer, in winters too; in fact 365 days of the year

21. My Home-town

22. Colorful birds

23. The sound of fast moving streams

24. Himalayas -My Himachal

25 Learning new words of different languages

26. Kenny G’s Music

27. Watching waters for long on breathtaking heights

28. Watching ‘When Harry met Sally’ AND ‘Dil wale Dulhaniya Le jayenge’ again and again, repeating scenes

29 .Getting Scared

30. Watching Dance-shows on TV

31. Winning a project

32. Boozing with Best friends

33. Writing new quotes everyday on my desk at the office

34. Colorful lights and ‘Diyas’ on ‘Diwali’

35. Playing Pranks on friends

36. Watching my mother laugh aloud

37. Going to my ‘old school’ in the evening remembering ‘the best days of my life’

38. Going to ‘Gurudwara’ with my room-mate

39. Having my ‘Sarson ka saag’ + ‘Hari Mirch’ + ‘Makki ki roti’+ ‘Lassi ka Gilas’ ANYTIME

40. Smelling the pages of my old text books

41. Long walks on unfilled roads of ‘Shimla’

42. A small Sun-Nap on the roof of my home in my village

43. Dark Bottle –Green Colour

44. Eating ‘Parle-G’ in my office while starving hard

45. Visiting a temple, a monastery or a church very early in the morning

46. Beautiful Scarves

47. Moon! From New Moon to Full Moon, Every phase of it

48. Crying hard on somebody’s shoulders

49. Being my self

50. ‘Me’, the beautiful me, the sensitive me, the lively me!!!!


18 thoughts on “50 things i love

  1. Great idea for finding myself, the real me. I’m going to sit down for a minute or two, take a paper and grab a pencil…
    Thank you very much for sharing. I appreciate this.

  2. thanx Tom…..I am glad You finally understood my self-obsessiveness.. 🙂 and I hope my fav. 49th Thing is your fav. too…i enjoyed your blog…I liked wt I read and will be visiting frequently…

    • Feel free to stop by the dinner party tomorrow. Yours will be the unexpected but invited menu if you do decide to come. By the way, I love comments on my blog!

      I did not know it was self obsessive. I thought it was self esteem! Oh well!

  3. Omg that last photo has me sooo hungry, oops I mean second to last, haha not the Parle-G cookies but the saag and maki roti. YUMMMM

    And very nice list, I should make one myself.. food would definitely be #1 on the list.

    • Hey nimmie you know sarson ka saag and makkee ki roti are our first weekness!! And will always be!!! Anyways I will be waiting for your own list on your blog!!!

        • wow!!!! i must tell you, you are a good hindi speaker…I did my journalism course from Chandigarh and those were among the best days of my life… mujhe bhi Chnadigarh acha lagta hai……

  4. I believe you. I’m gonna try this and post it as soon as I can do it. 🙂
    Some of the things in your list could be in mine too. 🙂 Nice one.

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