I am Creative when my internet is not working!!!!!

So here it goes, it was Sunday. I was in my small but special village with no so called Wi-Fi (My Mom calls it Wi-Wi, like noodles J), my data card doesn’t work there. So I was without internet; though it was not the only time I was deprived-of this netoxygen (the new term for people for who take internet as their oxygen). I NEVER HAD IT IN MY SCHOOL NEITHER AT COLLEGE SO EASILY. I just got addicted to netoxygen after coming to this giant city. So, I sat down with my laptop in my lap near the small window in my room which opens into a big wheat field and start writing. I am writing or at least trying to write some stuff these days on a single topic. I was unable to write more than 50 words-a-day, when I was in city. As whenever I had something interesting in mind, a ping from a never talked-to classmate or a mail icon had knocked my lapi’s door (or windows whatever you ). And I was again busy checking my mails and responding to those stupid pings. If my mails spare me then I was always checking for good word I want to express in my piece. To my surprise when I was writing in my den I could write more than 3 hours until my laptop died of hunger for power. So I concluded, ‘I am creative when my internet is not working.’ So do most of us would agree? Internet has snatched the power of pure innovation brutally from all of us. I agree we do a lot of stuff easily now with internet than we used to do earlier. But things are same with writing? We are always reading from internet about others’ work and get inspiration for our blog or articles. If it is inspiration; its good but then we keep on comparing our work with theirs and we are never content with what we have done (At least I am not). But when you start writing with a blank paper and pen with nature where there is nothing for your inspiration except yourself; then you get what you actually want to. You think, you analyze, you innovate, and finally a well-written piece is in your hand and you are finally content with it because it is YOURS.


One thought on “I am Creative when my internet is not working!!!!!

  1. I like your post Pooja! It’s true that we can be more creative in writing without having Internet…with having smartphones, iPads, laptops….we get more n more engaged to virtual world…and yes we naturally do compare our work with others….and never get satisfaction with our own stuff. But we should not compare ourselves with anyone…we all are unique in one way or another…..there are so many factors which affect our creativity……circumstances of life, weather, mood, environment……..and so on.

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