Eu amo Brasil eu amo caipirinha


This has to come from me!!!! It was destined!!! This was my second time in Brazil and my pretty Brazilian colleague got a big emotional and, mental set back when I told her that I have never had Caipirinha yet!!! This cannot be possible, its shame for me; how I can be alive and all her all time dramas… Finally on this dinner she ordered one for me and Oh my god, I never had such a consecrated drink ever… I love it yes! Totally I do!!… My taste buds were literally yelling at me for keeping them away from this heaven… After first sip they declared this is their favorite cocktail now onwards…and I do agree with them religiously… what to do??? The love pushed me to get a Cachaça (special Brazilian sugarcane rum, the main ingredient of Caipirinha) back home and finally I could try it in my apartment. The results were obvious,- ’ HEAVEN’…So how can I forget you people while sharing the heaven so here is the recipe n enjoy the heaven….

So to make the Caipirinha this is all you need


  • 1 big lime, cut into wedges
  • 2 tablespoon sugar
  • 30ml Sugarcane Rum Cachaça


Take a big Lime, wash it and cut it through its side wedges. Put the cut pieces of lime and sugar into a small glass and muddle together (squash it using a muddler or a wooden spoon works well).  Fill glass with crushed ice, add  Cachaça, the Brazilian Rum and stir.


  • Remember one big lime for one glass of Caipirinha!!!
  • Don’t drive after drinking
  • Don’t you ever share your Caipirinha!!! This is yours and will be yours enjoy ;;

13 thoughts on “Eu amo Brasil eu amo caipirinha

  1. hey Alexia… thank you for stopping by and finally somebody has appreciated my broken english….thanks buddy!!1

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