When sophistication meets the exoticness of india- ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’

One of the close and like-me friend, a lazy summer noon hours and 35 degree Celsius in New Delhi, we rather escaped our selves from the fuming Sun and entered this movie theater. I have heard some stupid TV anchors saying some stupid bad things about this movie ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’, so I knew its going to be worth watching and I rather pushed my friend to kill these afternoon hours watching this movie. The one reason I had to see this movie is Dev patel and the spontaneity in his eyes which can almost kill a young heart like mine. Well, after long time I watched a movie full of exoticness, exotic love stories, exotic India, exotic emotions. A group of British oldies with lost zest in their lives; still to have that feeling of being independent and gratifying that lingering craving of their lives, they come to this hotel in  exotic Jaipur, Rajasthan, India to be there in this best exotic  Marigold hotel. Some of them have desires like having the first job of their lives, meeting the old Indian –gay lover (whose love got sacrificed on the name of Indian tradition, family values long back), fulfilling their sexual desires at the age of 80, getting a hip transplant (India being reasonable in terms of medical expenses), and many more. The sophistication of British finally meets the real exoticness of India. Dev Patel, as an extra-optimistic manager, his passionate love-story, drama, the culture shocks and the touching Indian humility and values are some of the highlights of movie. ‘Everything will be alright at the end of a story and if it is not alright that means it is not the end yet’ is the main theme of this movie like all the Indian movies. Full of humor and witty dialogues, this movie is all about the optimism we all must have within us. Judi Dench just won the show with her unforgettable role as a broken-heart widow with the guts to give life another chance in her old age. The biggest plus for this movie is the unprompted acting of all these old British veterans and the whimsical Dev Patel who didn’t let the energy out of the movie. Foreigners come to India; complain about the unhygienic food, roads full of dust, poverty , infection; but they still come here to regain the lost colors of their lives, to resettle their jerky lives and to see and to learn that emotions and values are the first and last thing a human want to have in his or her life. John Madden the director of ‘The best Marigold hotel’ undoubtedly tried to see the India once again from a normal stereotype eye of every foreigner but still he could not refrain himself from highlighting the values, comfort, optimism and the peace we Indians have in our lives; in terms of sacrifices, love and contentment. You should for sure go and watch this movie at least for the incredible wit and emotions it has.


3 thoughts on “When sophistication meets the exoticness of india- ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’

  1. I keep seeing advertisements for this movie and I think it looks charming. My husband told me to put it in the Netflix DVD queue as he would like to see it too.

  2. Hi bliss!! yes, indeed this movie is a must-watch for all the people who believe in passionate long lasting love and who believe that love can happen at any time, any place , any age with any one. Tell me once you and your husband watch it…thank you for stopping by….stay blissful..

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