Drugs, Faith and Rape

After ages and finally ashamed on my lethargy on a weekend, I decided to perform my newspaper rituals and read it devotedly. Not to my surprise, everything so conventional was there, corruption, dirty politics, doping in sports and Rapes. Again not a unusual news for any metro city: A Mumbai girl was drugged and raped in a Kolkata park. Some five to six months ago, a woman at a Gas nightclub (Mumbai) was taken by 5 men;  who gang raped her before dumping  at Bandstand Mumbai.  Rapes are common in metropolitan cities but all of the sudden, Drug-facilitated rapes, the date rape drugs, Rohypnol, GHB, roofies, roaches, or the forget pill beats other hot topics on Google. The drugs which were being used in countries like America and Europe to cure severe sleep disorders are ruining thousands of girls’ lives in most of the metropolitan cities.

Apart from these Hi-Fi drugs, high doses of alcohol are also used as date rape drugs. Imagine a tasteless drug which you can consume unknowingly in a soft drink or juice can leave you confused, sedated, and finally raped when you will get up after 18 or 24 hours. This is not the limit; excess of these drugs can even cause cardiac and respiratory arrest, coma, or death. Some of them are even worst when you can’t remember what exactly happened with you a night before. Sometimes these drugs also affect the fertility of a woman.  In 80% of the cases, the person who gives drugs to the victim is her friend, boyfriend or a known person whom she trusts, accompanies him and finally got trapped. We call ourselves 21st century girls who believe in freedom, nightlife, parties, and live-in relationships; but do we believe in letting somebody take advantage of the trust we put in the person? Do we really want to enjoy a night life with complete strangers or with people who can drag us into a situation like this?

Before jumping into the solutions how we can try to tackle these situations; let me make things more visible by putting you in the worst situation. Do you know rape is one of the most profane experiences a girl can endure?  This is not a physical trauma but it is always aggravated by our society that customarily blames and makes rape victims unacceptable. According to the figures, at least 75% of rape victims suffer from chronic psychological conditions all their lives, 15% commit or try to commit suicide and 10% die or suffer from enduring physical disorder after the sexual assault.

I know after reading this, you would have had Goosebumps; but this is reality. Girls, new in cities, new in love or with immature and improper curiosity for night life, fast life end up like this and the biggest reason behind this is faith; trusting a wrong person. I know he can be your boyfriend, whom you think: can never do any wrong to you but actually he can and you should always have to  keep your eyes and ears open before following him blindly. I am not saying going out late night, parties are reasons behind rapes but trusting a person blindly and give all your strings to him is not a wise decision. You go out, have drinks but remember few things in the parties you are attending:

  • First of all try avoiding parties thrown by friends of friends or strangers.
  • Try to go in a group and by group, I mean your own friends, your room-mates or longtime friends.
  • Never leave your drink unattended.
  • Always try to get a drink only from the bartender, waiter, or waitress.
  •  At parties, never accept open container drinks from anyone.
  • Whenever you are leaving your drink to go to the washroom or dance floor; try to finish it before leaving or get a fresh one when you are back
  • Do not take any drink, juice from someone you don’t trust or from anyone for that matter. Remember, at least 80% of all rapes are committed by acquaintances.

Finally Stay Safe and always remember which I had read somewhere “Don’t ever get excited & blindly trust any new person you meet. If you already have some good friends then don’t look for many friends & don’t let your friend turn into your enemy. People change just like seasons. Stay with only those whom you think that they won’t be leaving you ever. People come & go in your life & you don’t have to worry about why they left. Enjoy spending time with a friend who knows everything about you & understands what friendship is….”


29 thoughts on “Drugs, Faith and Rape

  1. Well, apart from the drugs, I think people’s mentality have to be changed. There are some psychopath and some lunatics in every society. The women of our country are not safe in most parts, but their role for Indian Independence was great (as I read it in history books). Now, the lawmakers sit ideally and live a luxurious life and as always they pretend to curb such menace, but what are they actually doing? Nothing!

  2. good one and really important in times like these. It really helps to be that extra careful. and yes i do strongly disagree and protest with views like girls who go partying or wear western clothes are inviting rape…

    • thankx himani….opinions are mutual…why would we need to change if we are not wrong!!! they need to change their thoughts and actions!!

    • Thank you GP, The change has to be started from somewhere…there are good and bad element everywhere but till the time society is completely free from bad one; we have to keep on discovering new ways to avoid them…

  3. I’ve never been one into the “night life” (be it parties, drinking or ever even having a boyfriend) but for me who in a matter of weeks is about to leave home and go to university with all of that about to surround me from every area, this post was invaluable for informative reasons (and very well written) thank you so much for posting!

  4. Let me begin with complimenting your arduous effort in bringing out this sensitive post in the most emotional and mature manner.

    The thread of our society has been very delicately woven. This was to disallow any corrupt consciences in our culture. But this delicate nature was supposed to provide enormous strength and the will for the sustenance of culture too.

    What we falter is in creating strong examples in our society, when someone knows he has a fair chance of taking the system for a ride – he would certainly give the sin a try – that’s human nature. So, when the thought of doing something wrong stops coming to easily, things would be a bit more calm.

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