‘Because’ you are 36-24-36’

‘Small, Medium, large, XL, XXL, XXL or 10, 12, 14, 16, or 22, 24’; what is it? These are not sizes of a ‘Zara Top’ you bought today or you are going to buy tomorrow or day after. But this is actually you ‘my love’. Yes, you, the pretty woman; and of course you are more than that. You are white, extra white, ‘brown rang (yo-yo honey singh)’ and so many ‘rangs’, you must have never imagined.  Thin, extra thin, Zero-figure;  white skin, extra white skin, glowing skin; long hair, straight hair, painted hair; big breasts, rounded posteriors , Flat stomachs and list goes on.

Ha ha ha and if you don’t have any of above features then you must have only little brains up in your skull but sadly that would not be much appreciated.

Welcome to my society! Not Asian or American but a world society; where a woman has adjectives like Hawtt, prude, slut, whore, cock-tease, nympho and so on…. Or sometimes we are known as big-boos, pimples on the chests, V shaped and so much else. Every magazine (no matter what is the theme of that magazine) has zillions of tips for girls to look attractive, so called saaxxyy. Why? Not to make them feel good; but to be what men like about them. And this is the tragedy, a woman struggle her whole life to be fit, look beautiful and sensual enough to hold her partner back in her bedroom.

Give me definition of beautiful and who the hell ever defined this term beautiful? And, why a girl is being recognized only and only if she is beautiful? Why beauty means just a few terms like white skin, perfect body (with proportionate flesh on your frontal and posterior and your stomach skin touching your backbone), Kilos of makeup & facial paints, implants, never eating, constantly exercising to the point of exhaustion?

I feel sorry and disheartened when my 17 years old cousin is skipping meals to be like the other super-hot girl in her college. She is more concerned to be like a skinny model or an actress on TV rather than discovering herself and her uniqueness. Zillions of teenagers are into these beautifying exercises. Why? To impress their Prince Charming! That f**king prince charming (FPCs), who is always after those super-skinny, painted girls who flirt with everyone to make themselves feel noticed in colleges, offices or even on the roads.

I am not writing for  these wannabe girls because when god has forgotten to put any brains in their skulls; then how I can help them. But what happened to you? You, the real girl, who is continuously dieting, are putting paints; either to imitate these girls or to impress your FPCs. But, what happened to be real? Why you can’t be proud on just being yourself? I agree you would like to be fit and healthy and that’s great; but, do it for yourself; treat yourself nicely. Don’t do it because some stupid girl around the corner is doing.

But, you know something; I guess I am blaming society in vain. The biggest problem lies in women only; they are being their own critics. Oh! you have grown so fat, oh! Poor you! Your skin is so dull, oh, you are looking so old!! F**k you!! I am happy the way I am and I have much more of productive work to do rather than listening to your f**king tantrums and advices.

Beauty exists beyond flesh, whether it is for a skinny woman, a well-built woman, or one with any of the ‘rangs’. Everybody is different, and that’s what makes people normal. For god sake, be real and love yourself. This is the biggest blessing you have that you are a normal & an average girl. Don’t listen to society and make your own identity. You need not to be someone else to be perfect. You are yourself and unique. Be natural and let world recognize the real you.  And, if someone like your FPC is judging you on your looks and appearance, ask him to go and marry Sunny Leon (yeh, because maybe he is looking for the so-called-perfect-body and of course she has one).

Courtesy : Grey's Anatomy

Courtesy : Grey’s Anatomy


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