million little things

Things changed between

You and me..

Earlier it was love,

Then it changed to commitment,

And finally a desolate relationship

Where we were together just because of

Friends, family and our beautiful past.

What went wrong? Who went wrong?

Is it me, you or this relationship?

Or the expectations we had from this relationship?

‘You were never my friend’, I guess this ‘went wrong’.

You were always a lover,

A soul mate and a person with whom

I wanted to be bounded, to be hitched, and to be confined…….

Love opened my heart but I deliberately,

Let you see only that part where you used to reside.

I wish you could have asked more,

And been little more obstinate to see the other million little things there.

They were beyond you and this love.

You called me selfish; I agree I was, and I am….


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