a broken cigarette

Lust took over
at the midnight,
hunted desks,
sooty shelves,
old jeans pockets,
here I saw you,
broken with bleeding neck,
held your neck gently,
our lips met,
the long kiss
burnt my mouth,
and I consumed you
until you dry,
I did it
and did it well,
a broken cigarette.


Watching the skies

Watching the skies

has been my favorite  pastime,

From early  dawn

to the late half past nine.

Clouds, changing colors and

 tracing varied contours with a poise

Putting me in a light trance;

 like a dreamer, I always close my eyes.

But, today the storm clouds gathered;

and, no contour they could trace

Dyed the sky, blackish-blue;

they shouted, screamed and lost their grace

And, I slaughtered my dreams

 with the cantankerous clamour,

kept the parts in my clandestine closet;

glad, only I can hear their yammer…

Have you ever witnessed a heart breaking?

Have you ever witnessed a heart breaking?

Crust of Happiness shedding off,

Abysmal voids of desires leaving,

Or ever seen its color changing to deep blue from romantic red….

You know it’s there, but no music,

Is it still beating; I’m not sure,

Once it has a list of songs playing,

Today it’s all about broken strings…

Have you ever witnessed a heart breaking?

Pitying tears, sprinkling its dry soul

New blood, blue blood

Making a criss cross arrays in blue veins,

Have you ever witnessed a heart breaking?

On an autumn night

a leaky tap

dripped a drop,

or an acoustic jazz,

I heard on an autumn night,

Frozen city lights

illumined my streets,

or a full moon bath

I beheld on an autumn night,

puff of cool breeze

caressed my shy cheeks,

Or a perfect kiss

I felt on an autumn night,

Blue moon

forgot to go home tonight,

Or a lost love

I missed on an autumn night….